Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Account - Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit - Organization - Client

The call in the middle of the night was disturbing and being faced with the face of the federal government even more so. There are elements of my new nature that have already placed me against mortal law and I imagine they will do so in the future. While I hope that most of my actions as a reaper will more involve granting a ghost a chance to speak to a loved one a last time, I imagine that several of my accounts will end with a bullet in someone's brain or a mad ghost forcibly banished. It would be nice to know where these people stand in the matter of my existence.

Organization: Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit

Matter in Question: Has hired us to serve as "civilian consultants" in a case.

Item 1: A division of the FBI.
Item 1a: The badges appear legitimate.
Actions to be Taken: Confirm validity of the organization.

Item 2: Unusual recruiting practices.
Item 2a: There have been deaf FBI agents before, but Agent Glass does stand out.
Actions to be Taken: Look for commonalities between agents.

Item 3: Seem to be aware of the supernatural.
Item 3a: Agent MacCrae referred to all of us together.
Item 3b: It is not certain how aware of the supernatural they are.
Item 3c: They apparently do not know about talking to ghosts. 
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain how much they know about the supernatural.

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