Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Ledger of Emma Terreal

Emma Terreal is a young accountant working as a personal account manager for a small branch of a major bank. She initially started off trying to help the bank's clients deal with the mortgages and accounts, but it quickly became obvious that her bank's manager, Rosella Wilbur, had clear biases regarding who should be given aid and who shouldn't, mostly on boundaries of income. The point came to a head when Emma found herself signing off on a foreclosure for a local freelance DJs house rather than trying to stretch things to help them out. She was certain that she would have been fired if she hadn't done that.
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She was so disturbed by that incident that she started trying to look into going into independent practice. But she didn't want to just leave people in the lurch and took some extra time off the clock at the bank researching some of the accounts she was responsible for and looking for ways to help her lower-income clients survive the disinterest or even grasping nature of her boss. 

On one such night she was unfortunate enough to be there when a team of thieves broke in to steal from the bank. By what seemed to be sheer accident, the thieves managed to lock her in to the vault. There was an argument as one of the thieves argued for calling emergency services once they left so that no one died and there was no murder wrap. She listened as one of the other criminals shot her advocate. Then she was left in the silence to slowly suffocate.

Strangely, when the vault as opened the next day, she woke up and walked out seemingly with no problem only her personality seemed heavily changed as a strange sort of serenity had been draped over her. No one realized that she had truly died but come back to life with the aid of a powerful entity that was part ghost and part symbol. An being she knows only as The Auditor.

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