Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Account - Richardson and Rake - Organization

This is the third of these redacted files that I have found within the Unending Account. This is very...concerning. The involvement of this law firm with matters of death and general supernatural is potentially vast and even a small involvement is terrifying.

Organization: Richardson and Rake Law Firm
Matter in Question: This is mostly just to simulate the redacted files found in game. 

Item 1: Assume a name.
Item 1a: This made partner in some random date.
Item 1b: For some reason the only thing visible will be loose-leaf sheets of paper.
Item 1c: Nothing here will be visible

Item 2: Some person or another.
Item 2a: Something, something, something, stapler something something.

Item 3: What to write in this section?
Item 3a: Blank, blank, blankity blank, blank and blank.
Item 3b: Something of the something.

Item 4: Food issues.
Item 4a: Blah, blah, blah, blah cherry twizzlers blah blah.
Item 4b: This random person ordered some sort of order cappuchino.
Item 4c: Nothing what so ever.
Item 4d: I'm just making stuff up.

Item 5: I have no idea what the GM is doing.
Item 5a: The craven of the edge.
Item 5b: Wheresoever will this craziness go?

Item 6: I have two more of these accounts.
Item 6a: Still to write.
Item 6c: Yep. That's right. Two more.

Item 7: Redacted File: Well, that's a thing.
Actions to be Taken: Learn how to unredact this file.

Item 8: Partners: One and a half names.
Item 8a: Cyrus Rake.
Item 8b: Zir Richardson.
Item 8c: Cyrus Rake may have his own objectives outside those of the firm and their clients.
Item 8d: Cyrus Rake offered Nathan Slocum the proof he was looking for.
Actions to be Taken: Learn about Cyrus Rake's activities. Learn more about Richardson.

Item 9: Go betweens: Not instigators.
Item 9a: According to Lucy Chambers, they do not instigate situations but merely act in the interest of others.
Actions to be Taken: Confirm whether or not this remains, or ever was, true.

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