Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Account - Graham Ellis - Client

I am fairly certain that Mr. Ellis hired me as an accountant as an act of charity but for that I owe him much. It is due to clients such as him and Ames that I am able to potentially see an end to my employment underneath Rosella Wilbur. He is a competent investigator, actually, it makes me wonder at times just how much he knows about my particular situation.

Client: Graham Ellis

Matter in Question: Mr. Ellis is my first private accounting client.

Item 1: Business matters.
Action to be Taken: Make sure to keep his books balanced.

Item 2: Granny Slocum
Item 2a: He was mentioned in a letter from Granny Slocum.
Item 2b: He seems to be a bit more involved in the supernatural than I thought.
Actions to be Taken: Speak to Mr. Ellis. Ascertain whether or not he is at risk.

Item 3: Drunk: He is pre-embalmed.
Item 3a: Had to wake him up at 10am.
Item 3b: He turned immediately to drinking.
Actions to be Taken: Watch to see if he might be encouraged to leave the drink alone.

Item 4: Brush with the Supernatural: He seems to be operating close to the supernatural.
Item 4a: Witnessed the video that set Nathan Slocum on his crusade.
Item 4b: Seems to be close to supernatural entities without realizing it.
Item 4c: Seems to unconsciously resist the idea of the supernatural.
Actions to be Taken: Consider whether it might be damaging or strengthening to let him in on the truth.

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