Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Account - Thordis Olvirsdottir - Creditor

Thordis is a large woman, there is no denying this. She has to duck under most door frames and towers above most men. And she is certainly a shady individual. She immediately recognized me as something supernatural and has taken to calling me a "Little Sister" she seems genial and honestly concerned with those around her, but I worry what it is that she has not yet shown me.

Creditor: Thordis Olvirsdottir
Matter in Question: Provided me with a weapon and a training space.

Item 1: Occasional Sin-Eater: She occasionally seems to be another Sin-Eater according to the Auditor. The Auditor isn't sure whether she's a Sin-Eater that can hide what she is or something that can pretend to be a Sin-Eater. We have not seen her Geist yet if she is a Sin-Eater.

Item 1a: Has powers relating to control over the environment. Specifically sealing exits and disrupting equipment.

Item 1b: Has great physical strength.

Item 1c: Seems to have unnatural influence over fear.

Item 1d: Redirected the gate from the Underworld to the "Primordial Dream" where "all the mortal fears of humanity" dwell.

Item 1e: May have seen her Geist. See Item 3.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain Thordis' True Nature, possibly some entity of manifested fear.

Item 2: Tyrannical Nature: Was perfectly fine with my handling of the Wraith Busters.

Item 2a: Thordis may be some sort of terrible thing. 

Item 2b: may be = is

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain whether or not this approval is a good thing. 

Item 3: Thordis's Geist. Thordis's Geist is not all that Geist-like.

Item 3a: Her geist is a big, red, giant with horns. Possibly Torn. Maybe Prey.

Item 3b: Her geist interacts with the world somehow.

Item 3c: Did her geist die in a shower?

Actions to be Taken: Ask the Auditor's opinion on what Thordis is. Figure out why her geist is wearing a towel. 

Character Journal

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