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Gorgon Archer - Scion 2nd Edition - Character Creation Analysis

Scion's first edition was a hot mess of a system with a wonderfully fun premise. As you can tell from this blog, I quite like the idea of playing with mythological creatures. However, Scion first edition was primarily limited on human or human-like characters who happened to have a touch of the divine. There were ways of building something like a gorgon, but it would be something that would have to come over time rather than something you start with. Likewise, the rather erratic and self-contradictory rule-set made homebrewing both necessary and touchy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SELF-Introduction - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 0.5 - Scion 2nd Edition

The young woman on the camera is a tall Caucasian with hair so bright blonde that it looked almost like gold, but that had to be some sort of effect or filter, right? She has perfect muscular definition, showing a lifetime of athletic activity. She was dressed in exercise clothing made of latex or something similar.

"I am not going to miss this shot. - NO!
I am not going to miss this shot. 
I'm Aesir! Just like my parents!
Eager, wild, and strong. Glory bound!
And I'm not missing this shot! 
There's no sign of reck on me!
Take heart in my boast I'm the rising sun!"

The Epic of Hilde Sifgard

Until I can get a unique pic, have an pic and go commission her.
So, Scion 2nd edition is coming out and it is a vast improvement on the first edition. Among other things they've broadened the number of origins you can have. 
  • You can be mortal chosen by a god.
  • You can be a supernatural creature.
  • You can be a child of a god as the first edition revolved around things.
  • You could have been created
  • You could have been raised in a fantasy version of the real world to prepare you for life among mortals.
  • You could be a hero constantly reincarnating over many lives
  • You could be a reformed titanspawn
  • You can be one of many incarnates of the famous gods.
  • Lots of possibilities.
 The game itself is a nice blend of Storyteller, Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse, and a few other systems. My gaming group has been waiting for this for about three years now so we're already getting started using the backer-previews. So here's Hilde Sifgard my new character.

Hilde Sifgard - Scion of Sif - Scion 2nd Edition

Fill-in art by go commission her
Primary: Role Path: Daredevil Media Darling – Celebrity: Athletics, Empathy, Persuasion 
Secondary: Pantheon Path: A child of thunder and gold – Aesir: Close Combat, Culture, Occult 
Tertiary: Origin Path: World-traveler by the age of three – Adventurer: Athletics, Culture, Survival 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Calling Dr. Jones - Crossroads Campaign - Session 15

I'm writing this from the tower as we've been forced to retreat for the moment. This is going to lose us a tremendous amount of time as from everything I've heard, the practice of plane shifting back to the other world is not entirely accurate. We'll end up somewhere in the mountains in the general region of the Abolist's Tower. We'll still have the benefit of Kelmar's skill in the wilds, but our substantial lead on the enemy has at the very least been shortened as a result of this.
The bone pile trap.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Candlestick Disturbance - Set 2: The Song of Persephone - City of Mist

I feel myself shoved and being pushed back and away. I hit the wall. How far away was it when she moved? Which wall did I hit? I think that was ten, maybe fifteen feet away. How strong did she become? That’s amazing. That’s a lot more powerful than I expected it to be.

“Wow! That was amazing! It’ll almost be a shame to…umm…where did you go?”

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Candlestick Disturbance - Set 1: Zombie - City of Mist

Case 2: Set 4: The Real Folk Blues

Patricia's Wellness Journal

Security is always wanting to pat me down. The face and body draws them in at first but then they back off. The same beauty that tempts them also strikes them down with guilt and shame for daring to think about taking advantage of me. I tolerate it, half of my Contact utilizes it, and the other half relishes it the way paparazzi relish a drunk celebrity in public. 

Kill Boxes - Crossroads Campaign - Sessions 13 and 14

It turns out that there is indeed a train here but more amazing than that there seem to be actually competent guards. I may be a bit cynical when it comes to expecting guards to be anything other than a problem. Granted this might be due to the fact that my own world has rather limited awareness of the supernatural and it was usually counterproductive to be upfront and honest when you're hunting cultists and this world is well aware of such things being true.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Surgery and Surprises - Crossroads Campaign - Sessions 11 and 12

After recovering from our encounter with the creature and its tainted giant animals, we moved further on toward this shiny thing that Astra had told us about. It was a crystal of some sort, working as a focus for the necromantic spell we'd discovered earlier and directing the energy back towards the logging camp. As we approached, a shadow creature appeared out of it and proceeded to attack us. That was bad enough on its own, but we also found ourselves attacked by a red-eyed demon wolf. As we fought those two, gnolls began to appear out of illusory hiding spots to harass us with arrows.

The Shadow Guardian

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Counter Attack - Airships Lost - Session Eleven - Gameplay Discussion

A continuation of the previous stories and my attempts to move on toward more exploration, this will get several NPCs added into the mix that will give them some directions to head to look for new places and possibly a way home. This presents the party's assault on the gargoyle pirate field base. I ended up conceding victory before the commander of the slaver base could be encountered because the players were tearing through her forces quite well.

As a note, using minion enemies, where each mechanical entity represents a team rather than an individual, speeds up combat and makes the heroes seem extremely competent. This is great for this sequence. Especially in comparison to the long fight against the single cockatrice from earlier.

As a side note, I seem to have picked up on the lessons of running action sequences from the previous campaign better and I'm getting playful quips advertising action and doing mystery or advertising exploration and doing action.

Back to the Airship Lost index - Aeryn's Travel Log - Yukimura Amaya's Perspective

To keep everyone on the same page, I added the gargoyle base to the grid from last week.

Counter Attack - Airship Lost - Session Eleven

[The camera is running on a split screen between the guards watching the trapped hallway quietly and standing at the window in the medbay as Aeryn scans through the sky before focusing on a large slab of floating rock seeming to materialize out of nowhere into the small atmosphere and coming level with the Sol Suna so that they could see the forms of several gargoyles walking around atop near a platform of some sort.]

"Miss Lee, would you please get back to the bed and stay away from the windows!"

Just a minute, doctor, I have to film this. Wow, these are like actual pirates and, hey, what's that?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Piratical Pests - Airship Lost - Sessions Eight, Nine, and Ten Gameplay Discussion

This is my first attempt to move toward getting toward other shards and introducing some bad guys that have contact with other settlements. In order to avoid the groups that would have connection to Earth, I went with outlaws that have been exiled from the gargoyles. So they might not know of Earth themselves. Real life issues resulted in this being split out over several sessions and my performance being a bit spotty in places. I've also obviously had trouble getting the reports out on time so I've likely lost some details here and there.

Back to the Airship Lost index - Aeryn's Travel Log - Yukimura Amaya's Perspective 

The burn mark on the shard.

The fight with the gargoyle pirates outside the exhaust

Engine access area and defense plans

The death room and the planned future diplomacy room.

(I've left this report a little too long and only a handful of the Aspects stand out, unfortunately.)

Piratical Pests - Airship Lost - Sessions Eight, Nine, and Ten

[The camera opens up on the scene of a burned out field with the husks of a few remaining trees here and there. The camera swings wide catching the sight of Rudyard Holt, Aislin Newell, and Yukimura Amaya standing in the middle of it.]

"The burn started here, so the emergency exhaust must be in the area." Aislin noted, sweeping around.

[The camera swings about to show Aeryn's face with a wide smile.]

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Greek Princess - Set 4: The Real Folk Blues - City of Mist

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

The sound isn’t my watch. My watch is expensive, just like the suit I’ve been wearing for three days now. It’s the clock on the government-approved pastel green concrete wall, the cheapest piece of shit clock money can buy. Imperfect mechanisms clamouring away in the silence of the tiny interview room. I feel like the two-way mirror dominating the wall on my left is watching me. No, not anyone behind the mirror, the mirror itself is staring. Or maybe I’m scared of my own reflection, after all every time I go to look I catch it watching me.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Innovative Immorality - Crossroads Campaign - Session 10

Our investigations into what's going on in Calliopeela was a little bit interrupted by the realization that we were being followed and watched by someone. They looked like a wolf, but the behavior didn't fit a basic animal. It was a very tricky creature, darting this way and that and making it hard for even Kelmar to keep track off. There was an attempt by Medi to dart forward on Alwyn to cut off the wolf's path, but the creature simply darted aside and seemed to change into a squirrel before vanishing up into the tree line. 

The Hymns of the Fey - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 5

Character Journal

The First Hymn of the Fey

The forest stretched on before us, trees by the score alike.
This I assert as one who has been raised in the city.
We walked; we followed; we trusted; in the daughter of the lady.
I have seen the concern in her face as she realized herself lost.
Let our efforts to find Nakatari not be further afflicted.
Grace's fear of spiders has left us stranded in a sea of flora.
And I shall endeavor to be rested and ready for more danger.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Greek Princess - Set 3: Switchblade 327

Set 2: Beauty and the Beast

Patricia's Wellness Journal

Can you hear that? Can you taste that? Mmm.

Every part of me feels so alive. 

No, no. This is my contact. One of them. I can hear her in the back of my head. No not literally, it's a feeling. It's a sense of exultation that is somehow me and also not me. Do know what I'm talking about? I have to clear my head. I can't give her too much lead.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Bureaucratic Barriers - Crossroads Campaign - Sessions 8 and 9

The Insfar Peninsula
Character Journal

I had thought that I had escaped bureaucracy when I graduated from Oxford with my Bachelor's in Music Theory and promptly began an occult investigator after my first encounter with cultists. Of course, this is when I discovered what was necessary for getting a private investigator's license. Then I thought I had escaped it when I signed on with Department 7, you'd think the name would have clued me in, because surely they'd keep their agents sheltered from such nonsense. Then I thought I at least wouldn't be bothered with bureaucracy in The Lost, but really all I escaped was paperwork, I still had the endless sort of fetch quest chain you'd associate with something like Baldur's Gate. Of course, becoming a deva came with more paperwork after this line. But, this doesn't compare with what we've discovered on this continent of the world of Opali.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Hymns of Escorts - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 4

Character Journal

The First Hymn of Escorts

The Veiled Lady of Phane called agents to her company to discuss a task.
This I assert as one of those called to the meeting in her abode.
She explained; she described; she requested; of us to head into the woods.
I have met her daughter who would be our guide into the fey realms.
Let our travels be quick and safe that our task might come to smooth conclusion.
Grace's comrades impart a quick sense of awe in those she is about to guide.
And I shall endeavor not to step on any tails or paws of giant lions or wolves.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Greek Princess - Set 2: Beauty and the Beast

Set 1: Reignite

Patricia's Wellness Journal 

Shiraishi Hayami.

That is Hayley's proper name. She told me herself when I came to the church to assure her that we had let her friend about her situation.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Hymns of Portents - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 3

Character Journal 

The First Hymn of Portents

The prisoner's first words were lilting and fluid and lacking in goblinspeak.
This I assert as one of those who freed her; battling goblins and ballistae.
She pleads; she cries; she begs; for freedom from a false form forced.
I have seen a fox forced to play a part in the World Eater's devouring play.
Let the other goblins cower out of our way and challenge not our leaving.
Azu's innocence and spirit stand as testament to the strength of the fair.
And I shall be the conduit of my goddess's waters to feed such life.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Innocuous Weapons - Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Just some weapons that are made to seem like innocent objects. These are largely not going to be fit for straight up battle but are simply meant for situations where carrying swords or axes might not be acceptable.

Innocuous - Weapons with this quality do not appear to be weapons on first glance. In many cases they are based on other objects but reinforced so that they can withstand some small amount of combat.

The wielder may gain a surprise action by making a Charisma(Deception) check vs the opponent's Wisdom(Insight), passive if the target isn't actively looking for danger, or a roll if the target is watching carefully.

Weapons lose this quality after five consecutive rounds of combat until a short or long rest is completed so that the owner can repair any damage and clean any marks that betray its use as a weapon. On an attack roll of 1, it loses this quality and major repairs or replacements equal to half the cost of the weapon will be required to regain the Innocuous quality.
  • Hairpins - 4 GP - 1d4 Piercing - 1 lb - Finesse, Light, Innocuous
    • Appears as a basic hair decoration.
  • Silk-Chain - 6 GP - 1d4 Bludgeoning - 2 lbs - Finesse, Innocuous
    • A length of weighted chain wrapped in silk to appear as a belt. 
  • Steel Fan - 10 GP - 1d4 Slashing - 1 lb - Finesse, Light, Innocuous
    • A folding fan with sharp edges and steel frame reinforcement.
  • Hard Fan - 3 GP - 1d4 Bludgeoning - 2 lb - Finesse, Light, Innocuous
    • A solid form, hand-fan made a bit sturdier than normal.
  • Weighted Sleeves - 4 GP - 1d4 Bludgeoning - 2 lbs. - Finesse, Innocuous, Light 
    • A modification to a wide sleeved robe or tunic such that when the base is gripped in a fist, the weight can be wielded like a make-shift flail. 
Alternate Hard Fan Stats
  • Hard Fan - 3 GP - 1d3 Bludgeoning - 2 lb - Finesse, Light, Innocuous, Defensive
Defensive - If you do not use this weapon to attack, you can use a bonus action to take the dodge action by using it to block.

Note that Weighted Sleeves would still count as taking up a hand because you need to grip the sleeve to use them well. You could instead wield a normal weapon but not the sleeve in the hands with that weapon.

Proficiency with these weapons are up to the GM, but here are some options:
  • Consider them Improvised Weapons
  • Consider them Martial Weapons
  • Fold them in to other weapon types they are based on.
    • Hairpins - Dagger
    • Silk Chain - Flail or Whip (Martial)
    • Steel Fan - Sickle
    • Hard Fan - Club
    • Weighted Sleeves - Flail or Whip (Martial)
  • Proficiency based on background. Some example backgrounds that would fit are listed below.
    • Courtesan
    • Criminal
    • Merchant
    • Noble
    • Spy 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Legacy (Sentinels of the Multiverse) 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Version

This is going to be an interesting rebuild as the character is a superhero from the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game. The basic premise of the character is that he comes from a line of heroes that have acquired new abilities with each generation starting with Joseph Parsons in the Revolutionary War. The card game itself has variants of Legacy representing the most recent three generations of the line: Paul Parsons VII, Paul Parsons VIII, and Pauline Felicia Parsons.

The order of powers gained are as follows:

Joseph Parsons - Revolutionary War - Danger Sense
Paul Parsons I - War of 1812 - Exceptional Athletic Condition
Paul Parsons II - No war/conflict - Super Speed
Paul Parsons III - Mexican-American War - Super Strength
Paul Parsons IV - Civil War - Single Attack Negation
Paul Parsons V - Spanish-American War - Vitality
Paul Parsons VI - World War I - Flight - First to use the name Legacy
Paul Parsons VII - World War II / Korean War - Keen Eyesight
Paul Parsons VIII - No war but lots of major superhero conflicts - Bulletproof skin
Pauline Felicia Parsons - No wartime service - Atomic Glare/Laser Eyes

Desperate Resort - Crossroads Campaign - Sessions 5, 6, and 7

Character Journal

It seems that the first thing we would be tasked with in the course of our role as deva was with the ever present threat of paperwork and filing. Our tower came with a number of files on potential recruits and mercenaries, but they were filed somewhat oddly. Thankfully, we were provided with a assistant by the name of Tonwen, one of the Elliyons such as Wendelly is.
They are an interesting people, the Elliyons. According to the history I have heard they are descended from elves and gnomes. Apparently it was part of some last ditch effort involving a magical curse that acted as a plague and killed most of the tall folk on Wendelly's homeworld. There are a number of these people around the Center and apparently the city beyond is primarily populated by them. Judging from Tonwen's wide-eyed near expression when getting to meet an Elliyon deva, I guessed that they were mostly servants, and I would certainly see how right I was later.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Hymns of Goblins - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 2

Character Journal 

The First Hymn of Goblins

The morning came to see the heroes' humble beginnings; they foray into the wilds.
This I assert as one who traveled in their company; my body tense for the fight.
It extends; it reaches; it encompasses; all my sight beyond with uncharted vastness.
I have been shown such wide and glorious sights beyond the calculations of kin.
Let them but open their eyes and see the beauty of the world and its people.
Tikzotl's hate and hunger imprisons them in the sickly sweet miasma of his rot.
And I shall take my first steps to raise them up out of his shadow.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

5th Edition Rebuild - Dame Meren Meynolt (Neverwinter Nights 2 Swashbuckler 18/Duelist 8/Neverwinter Nine 4)

Yes, 432 hit points.
Meren Meynolt is the first, and so far only, character I've taken through the Mask of the Betrayer campaign on Neverwinter Nights 2. I also played her through the original campaign for that game. By the end of the Mask of the Betrayer campaign she was a level 30 character. She didn't start adding Duelist until she started the epic campaign, so she was primarily a swashbuckler with a bit of the specialty 5-level class of Neverwinter Nine.

Before we go further, let's look at the different classes that make up her nature. Swashbuckler was a base class in 3.5 edition. It used light armor and finesse weapons. Both it and Duelist were heavily powered by Intelligence, dealing extra damage based on that when wielding finesse weapons. The Duelist class focused on having no armor but gaining bonus AC equal to the lower of their Duelist class level or Intelligence bonus. Neverwinter Nine focused on protecting allies and have a similar ability to a paladin's aura of courage as well as having some sneak attack damage and increased move speed. There was no actual magic in any of her classes.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Rebuilding Terra Thora Black - 2nd Edition Scion

Scion Builds

Terra was never actually a Scion character. She was a City of Heroes character, an Earth-Radiation Scraptroller from the early days before Poison was an available power set and well before NCSoft pulled the plug. Her backstory was that she had been visiting a museum some time after her father's death and stumbled upon a medallion of some sort that caused her heritage as descending from the gorgons to awaken. The shock of the change knocked her out of her depression somewhat and led to her career in superheroics. As she didn't have much money, she mostly fought in her skull uniform trusting that being a gorgon was distinctive enough for a costume. Eventually, public thought was so tied up into the idea of her dressed in a skirt, blazer jacket, blouse, and tie that to some degree her magic is strengthened and tied to it, so she continues to dress in private school dress even later in her career.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Greek Princess - Set 1: Reignite - City of Mists


Case 1: Set 3: Radioactive

Patricia's Wellness Journal

My footsteps echo strangely off wet concrete in the small hours of the night. I glide through the profusion of sound against steel, concrete and glass, under my umbrella, stray frozen droplets stinging my face. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Deva Breaks - Crossroads Campaign Session 4

Passing through the portal wasn't initially any different than the other few times that we had made use of the other such points in the maze. However, we did not end up coming out in another part of the maze. Instead we found ourselves on a platform with steps leading down to a central area and on to another platform quite like our own. All of this over a vast void of darkness.

Istryx stood in the center toying with the crown in her hands. I'm not sure who caught it but the entity of blood hovered behind before she dismissed it with a gesture. She was sitting in front of a black pit that presumably led down into the darkness but may have leading to its own, smaller, infinite void of emptiness. Floating over a small pillar in the middle of this pit was a sort of sphere, black in color, which was pulling the ambient magic of the realm around it. Behind her was grate covered in what appeared to be blood. Given that horrendous entity was there before, I don't doubt that it was blood.

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Hymns of Arrival - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 1

Character Journal 

The First Hymn of Arrival

Xirena has been waiting since ancient days; no one, not a one, is so patient as she.
This I assert as her designated messenger; my heart bursts with fires fresh and new.
I glory; I sing; I revel; in the cascading shower of my goddess's blessing.
I have been carried forward and away and out of the grasp of Tikzotl's following.
Let her crashing wave cleanse the blood-spilled from my blood-born.
Xirena has opened the path before me to be clean; and she takes me now North.
And I shall seek there, in this new ground, a place to take root and give glory.

The Hymns of Zihu Asutali

Zihu Asutali is a yuan-ti celestial warlock I am currently playing in a campaign along with several members of the Loading Ready Run Discord server. It is set in a home brew campaign world which yet has no name.

The map was provided by the GM. It is modified from a map by
The child of a yuan-ti infiltrator and the daughter of a pirate merchant of Atheed, Zihu was initially sheltered from the truth of her family's truly inhuman nature. It was partially a matter of protection as the adult yuan-ti feared the children accidentally revealing something. However, this opened the door for Zihu accidentally stumbling on a text that her yuan-ti consider heretical. Through this tome she ended up making contact with an entity long forgotten whose opinion was antithetical to that of the general perversity of the yuan-ti. A spirit of kindness, compassion, and emotion.

Zihu Asutali - Yuan-ti Celestial Warlock

Character Journal

4th Level Yuan-Ti Celestial Warlock of the Chain

Str: 8
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Int: 14
Wis: 12
Cha: 18

HP: 24
AC: 12 (Unarmored) 15 (Armor of Shadows)
Warlock Save: 14
Speed: 30 ft

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Height:137 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gold, slitted

Poison Immunity
Innate Spellcasting: Poison Spray, Snake Friendship, Suggestion
Magic Resistance
Darkvision 60 ft

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Scion 2nd Edition Builds and Rebuilds

With the release of Scion 2e's backer preview, I'm going to be trying to rebuild some old characters and building some new ones. 

The Receiving Center - Airship Lost - Sessions Six and Seven

[The camera opens to look at Aeryn sitting at her desk in her room.]

Okay, so I've been having a bit of trouble keeping track of my cameras recently. Granted that proved a little bit useful recently but, still, I want to be logging all the events here for when we get back home. 

I mean, can you imagine it? 

Actual gods, demons, kitsune, and magic? 

Wow. This is going to blow people's minds when we get back.

[Aeryn pauses and catches her breath composing herself.]

Anyway, my solution. So I still have the handheld camera, which is currently on the table looking at me, but I'm also going to have this body-camera thing here.

[She points to a brooch on her collar and leans forward to reveal that it was a small camera made to look like a tasteful bit of jewelry.]

So this way, I'll still be getting footage even if I drop the camera. And then I can edit in the different footages together later.

[The film cuts for a bit and a little bit haggard but still chipper looking Aeryn appears, sitting in the same place. She is sort of scratching at one of her hands which appears to be grey.]

Hi, just an editor's note here. Editing these things is really hard with one hand. I mean, it's all on the computer, but most of these programs seem to assume you have two hands and Ms Newell said this isn't likely to get better until a few more days. 

[She shows her hand directly to the camera and it is definitely grey.]

And I really wanted to get this out before then. 

[She looks down at her hand.]

It really itches by the way and scratching doesn't help because it's under the stone. I've asked about chipping away the stone, but the doctor and Ms. Newell both said that would be a bad idea. Something about lots of bleeding.

Anyway, on to the video.

The Receiving Station - Airship Lost - Sessions Six and Seven Gameplay Discussion

The characters are still a bit focused on making the shard safe and habitable. After session seven, I've mostly relegated the shard issues to being downtime unless I have a specific story in mind for them to deal with.

Play grid for session six and part of session seven
Play grid for investigation and fight in session seven.
Back to the Airship Lost index - Aeryn's Travel Log - Yukimura Amaya's Perspective - Part 1 - Part 2

I totally intended to do a report of session six and avoid repeating my mistake from the previous report. And then winter vacation happen. And planes happened. And fun with family happened. And fast forward to now and I had spent about a month since the last time we'd played and was about to have the next session. Session six was fairly short as I was getting ready for the trip the following week and turned out mostly to be preparation and challenges.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Rebuilding Juri Como - Scion 2nd Edition

Scion Builds

Juri Como has always known she's something a bit special though she didn't specifically know that she was the daughter of a goddess for most of her life. She was born in the realms of the jurougumo who were giving succor and shelter to Benten while the goddess was under threat from the Titans. Her father was an Italian-Australian man whom her mother had met at PAX-Australia in Melbourne and as soon as possible, Benten left their daughter in his care. She always had a bit of a knack for talking to spiders and often had spiders around or on her which did favors.

True to her mother's heritage, Juri has always been lovely, or perhaps it's more appropriate in her case to say that she is incredibly cute. Even more so, however, Juri inherited her mother's artistic nature, diving into the art of manga writing and sketching. She began to post a webcomic by the title of Combat Hurricane, a dimension hopping tale of action and battle that stepped along the expectations of shounen and seinen style anime. Having always been aware of the supernatural, she often worked in anecdotes she'd heard from older heroes and supernaturals, helping spread their legend that little bit more. When her webcomic attracted the attention of an anime studio, it impressed her mother enough to give her a visitation.

Rebuilding Delilah Samson - Scion 2nd Edition

Scion Builds

Delilah Samson was a character I played in a scion game about three years ago now. She had a good
general relationship with her father who remained friendly but not romantic with her mother. Her father was an undercover cop, at least so he said, often gone for long periods of time, but the thought of her father as a police officer led her down the same general path despite a birth defect that gave her odd bone spurs that looked like horns out of her head.

Monday, January 22, 2018

It's All Tricks - Crossroads Campaign Session 2-3

The labyrinth seemed to go on forever and it was quite clear that we weren't the only things that had ended up in the catacombs. Of course not, this is the Lost and we were going to be finding lost things. Lost things from catacombs had a tendency to include a few monsters. We had a close call with something like a floating brain with paralyzing tentacles. It reminded me something like a jellyfish crossed with a squid in that regard. Later it was identified as something called a grell.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dreams of Corruption and Pursuit - Set 3: Radioactive

Patricia's Wellness Journal

Set 2 - Enter the Sandman

The consequences of our actions are sometimes hard to see, you know? You think you're doing the proper thing, the right thing. Or maybe you think it's a choice so small as to be unimportant. But regardless of how right or small a thing is, you've woven a thread into the design and it can't be taken out now.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Fury of the Fallen (Feral Winged Variant Tiefling Ancestral Guardian)

This is a second flying barbarian, and this one is going to have a bit more reliable flight due to being a Winged Tiefling rather than a Protector Aasimar. As with the Aasimar, the Tiefling's stat bonuses don't really help it much in terms of being a good Barbarian, so I'm going to be tight with Ability Score bonuses again. That said, if you're rolling for stats or you find appropriate magical items, it certainly can free up room for getting feats that just raw leveling doesn't have much availability for.

I've considered a couple different options for the particular variety of barbarian to go with that fits as a counterpoint to the Wrath of Heaven build. I could obviously do another Zealot but the two would likely end up looking very close to each other, especially where there is not much room for Feats in either build. I think instead I will go with the Ancestral Guardian and the idea that restless souls gather around the character in hopes of being avenged. This would be rather than direct ancestors.

Wrath of Heaven (Protector Aasimar Zealot)

This is going to be one of two theoretical builds paired together. This one is going to focus on a Protector Aasimar while the Fury of the Fallen will be a Winged Tiefling build. The idea of both of these builds is in the creation of a flying barbarian. Aarakocra is another option for this and I might do that later. However, right now I'm starting with a Protector Aasimar partially due to the existence of Yasha in Critical Role, though I'm thinking Yasha is going to turn out to be a Scourge Aasimar.

Protector Aasimar from 3rd Level onward are capable of 1 minute (10 rounds) of flight once per day. Which makes this the more limited version of the airborne barbarian out of the selection I'll be looking at.

As a note, since this not a race that goes especially well with Barbarian, I'll be limited on Ability Score Increases.

For background, I think I'll go Hermit

5th Edition Rebuild - Ide Shika (Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords, 14th Paladin/3rd Chevalier)

Ide Shika is a central character to a serial story I was writing for a website featuring a fantasy style setting. Sadly, the person putting the fiction website had a medical emergency and the costs involved resulted in the website pretty much not happening. As a result, I am uncertain of rights and ownerships, so I've let the fiction lie and I ended up playing out a sort of version of her story by playing her as a fighter in a pathfinder game. Though this character is quite a bit different overall in that she specializes in the no-daichi where the first version was just supposed to be generally skilled and very fast.

The other members of the party ended up investing a substantial amount of resources into making her the primary source of damage for the party. This resulted her in having a range of magical items far more powerful than most of those you would find in a 5th edition game, including more than three that would require attunement.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gorgon Archer - Genesys - Character Advancement

Character advancement in Genesys is very simple. It simply suggests that you award 20 XP at the end of each 3-5 hour session. It does state that if you want to have characters advance quicker or slower, you should increase or decrease that to 25 or 15 respectively. It also suggest increasing or decreasing the total by 5 based on whether the session lasts significantly shorter or longer than expected. Other than that, the experience point costs work exactly how they do in character creation. However, I do want to remind you that you cannot improve Characteristics directly with experience points once character creation is over. After the campaign has started, you will need to take a particular 5th Tier talent to improve Characteristics.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vimi Ajam - Hobgoblin Storm Sorceress - Genesys Version

A Genesys version of the character linked here.

Hobgoblin Species

Brawn 2
Agility 2
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 1

Starting Wound Threshold: 11+Brawn
Starting Strain Threshold: 10+Willpower

Martial Training: The character begins with 1 free Rank in either Melee. If your game splits this into Melee(Light) and Melee(Heavy) then choose one skill to gain a rank in. You still cannot start the game with higher than 2 ranks in Melee.

Darkvision: When making skill checks remove up to 2 Setback dice imposed due to darkness. (From the book. -5 XP)

Fearsome: Add 1 Setback die when making Charm, Deception, Leadership, and Negotiation checks. Add 1 Boost die when making Coercion checks. (+5 XP)

Starting XP: 100

Gorgon Archer - Genesys - Character Creation Analysis

I had been tempted to do create a character in the new Star Wars system that was put out by Fantasy Flight Games in the last five years, but upon remembering that they were producing a generic version of the system I decided to hold off. That system is Genesys.

Friday, January 5, 2018

5th Edition Rebuild - Angwiel II (3rd Edition Tabletop Game)

I started my first campaign of 3rd edition D&D while in college within a couple of months of it being released. One of my brother's coworker's ran the Sunless Citadel adventure for us, our sister, and his wife. We played up to 10th level going by my character sheet. I played a character who was primarily a cleric but also went a bit toward sorcerer with illusion based magic. Statistic-wise, my character was a standard elf, but the GM let me flavor it as a snake-woman of sorts. The character was inspired by a Rifts character with a random cosmetic mutation that had snake-like features though her backstory was very different. This is why this is Angwiel II, the first character to bear the name was the Rifts character. The Angwiel from my Neverwinter Nights 2 campaign (who I should rebuild now that several versions of aasimar have been released) is actually like the fourth character to bear the name and is directly based on a boisterous brawler I had played in a short-lived tabletop campaign in the years after I came back from teaching in Korea. As a note, Angwiel was a name I put together with Tolkien elvish that means "snake maiden". I originally named her race lygiel, which means the same thing in a different dialect of Tolkien elvish. It's not terribly unique.

Gorgon Archer - Scion 2nd Edition - Character Creation Analysis

Scion's first edition was a hot mess of a system with a wonderfully fun premise. As you can tell from this blog, I quite like the idea ...

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