Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Account - Victor Herbert Crane - Entity

Another of these entries. I suppose that I should not be surprised to see several of these situations all at the same time as one file with lots of redactions would connect to other files and those would also make references to redacted information. This is incredibly worrying.

Entity: Victor Herbert Crane

Matter in Question: Involved in things that have heavy supernatural significance.

Item 1: Artist and Architect.
Item 1a: He is the very model of a modern occult procedural.
Item 1b: He's works sculpted, painted, and architectural.
Item 1c: He knows Granny Slocum and quotes the Richardson and Rake;
Item 1d: From North to South his buildings have much at stake.
Item 1e: In Ormwood district he finds a place.
Item 1f: In artistic attentions of an ancient elementarian.
Item 1g: With worries for a local area's post-dead financierial.

Item 2: He was very much active in the mid 19th century
Item 2a: Many a man and woman has seen his buildings.
Item 2b: In short, in matters occult, artistic and architectural.
Item 2c: He is the very model of a steam age occult antiquarian.

Item 3: He seems to have a hand in our mythic history from Manton Lancea to Lucy's Chambers
Item 3a: He has quite a thing for triangles, and quite a crop of paradox.
Item 3b: His name appears in places so many preternatural crimes progress.
Item 3c: In many ways his floors and ceilings have many peculiarities.
Item 3d: It would not surprise to find his hand in that bastard vampire.
Item 3e: Perhaps he was a pick of Onora Seward's trials.
Item 3f: And croaking out a place for Chester to play with Vassago.
Item 3g: Is it any wonder he's the very model of an old major ritual.

Item 4: Redaction: This is disturbing.
Actions to be Taken: Figure out what is redacted.

Item 5: Occult Interest: Many occultists are interested in his works.
Item 5a: One of his pieces of art formed a gate to the safe haven Lucy stayed in.
Actions to be taken: Study more about Victor Herbert Crane

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