Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Account - The Eternal One - Entity

I do not understand. The Account is...redacted? I did not know this was possible. Granted, I am aware that I have only had access to the Unending Account for a month, but this has never happened to now. Either the Account has information or it doesn't. Sometimes the Account is cryptic, but it is never like this. I don't understand. 

Entity: Granny Slocum

Matter in Question: Eternally reincarnating spirit.

Item 1: What is she, a demon or a mage?
Item 1a: This is a question that needs to be answered.
Item 1b: Is she dangerous?
Item 1c: What are the mechanics of her existence?
Item 1d: Does she fly kites?

Item 2: How old is she?
Item 2a: How long can she live on any individual life?
Item 2b: How many lives has she had?
Item 2c: Is there any degradation between lives?

Item 3: What is she involved in right now?
Item 3a: Did she know about Brahms petty response to Beethoven?
Item 3b: Is she just a client with Richardson and Rake?
Item 3c: Does she like cats?
Item 3d: Black hole sun, won't you come, dry out all the rain.
Item 3e: Internet sensation Amy Dallen.
Item 3f: Blame the goatman.
Item 3g: Don't trust Lucy Van Pelt with a football.

Item 4: I'm blocking the hole where the rain gets in.
Item 4a: And keeps my mind from wandering.
Item 4b: Where. It. Will. Go.
Item 4c: Watch George Burns dancing.

Item 5: What?: What...what is this?
Item 5a: Permission to see by Lucy Chambers does not remove the redaction.
Actions to be Taken: Find out what this is.

Item 6: Identity: Is Lucy Chambers/Anthony D. Wareham/Elanor Slocum
Item 6a: The same soul has been reviving repeatedly to new bodies for thousands of years.
Item 6b: Is untouched by death.
Actions to be Taken: Investigate how this came about.

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