Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Account - Epidiokei Skopo - Entity

I have very little information about this group. I basically only have their name, the meaning of that name and the fact that Granny Slocum did not agree with a lot of their ideals. It seems that there is some sort of war between her and them. I suspect that I will be coming face to face with them very soon and wonder if they might be responsible for the thing in the mask.

Entity: Epidiokei Skopo

Matter in Question: Secret society referenced by Lucy Chambers and Granny Slocum.

Item 1: Translation: The name means "The Order of Seeking."
Item 1a: Were not mentioned or noted in the Unending Account. 
Item 1b: They are now mentioned in the Unending Account.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about this organization.

Item 2: Goal: Originally founded to discover proof of and expose the supernatural.
Actions to be Taken: Determine whether or not this would be a good thing.

Item 3: Founder: Founded by Nathan Slocum.
Item 3a: Founded in the wake of World War II.
Actions to be Taken: Detemine what Nathan Slocum saw during the war.

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