Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Account - Michael Callahan - Co-Contractor

I have been Bound for less than a month and now I meet a supernatural with even less experience than myself. I suppose I should not be surprised that I am not the last creature to come into this world, but that it was so soon and in my own city. How many supernaturals are created across the world at any given moment? Do I want to know the answer?

Contractor: Michael Callahan
Matter in Question: Young supernatural.

Item 1: Michael is less experienced even than myself.

Action to be Taken: Support the fellow new supernatural. Study how common supernaturals are.

Item 2: Michael claims to be half-demon.

Action to be Taken: Ascertain the meaning of "demon".

Item 3: Michael was upset with my actions regarding the Wraith Busters. He may be justified.

Actions to be Taken: Reach an understanding. 

Item 4: Is a horrible shot.

Actions to be Taken: Make him a less than horrible shot. 

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