Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Account - Erica Blackburn - Co-Contractor

I have very little to go on involving Ericka Blackburn. She speaks with Rosa with a trace of familiarity but has no sign of the touch of death on her. As such, I can only assume that their kind is something more varied and less focused than a Sin-Eater. That said, I am the only Sin-Eater that I know of. Unless Thordis is a Sin-Eater, of course, though that feels unlikely.

Contractor: Ericka Blackburn
Matter in Question: Seems to have similar powers to Rosa Calvaria.
Item 1: Has a lot of talents with electronics and computers.

Actions to be Taken: None as of yet.

Item 2: Spoke of the "High Speech" in the context of supernatural powers.

Item 2a: She appears to have control over types of energy like electricity and kinetic energy. I think there was a brief mention of manipulating gravity

Item 2b: Untangled  "feedback loop" that fed the malfunctioning gate.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of Erica's powers.

Item 3: Was somewhat disapproving of my actions regarding the Wraith Busters.

Actions to be Taken: Make sure to come to an understanding.

Item 4: Is hot.

Item 4a: Also sets things on fire.

Item 4b: Also makes clever insults.

Item 4c: Also attracts attention.

Actions to be Taken: ....Uncertain

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