Sunday, October 15, 2017

Yuan-Ti Bodyguard (Yuan-Ti Pureblood Kensai)

This was another concept that came up when I was rolling up random combinations of race, class, and background. As I recall, I had split that group up into four groups of three or so and one of those included the half-orc rogue noble and the yuan-ti fighter courtier. So I decided that the yuan-ti was some sort of bodyguard for the half-orc. However, like with the noble-born half-orc theoretical, I'm doing some changes here. Part of that is due to the fact that at the time I only have two monk theoreticals but I have five fighter theoreticals.

Also, I am well aware of the idea that yuan-ti are usually an evil race and don't particularly care. I had been rolling up at random and had come to the conclusion that the yuan-ti of that world fit some sort of warrior caste that protected the ruling body a la knights and samurai. Of course, in the long run that might have ended seeing a power shift into the hands of said warrior caste, as happened with a lot of different feudal cultures in real life, but, anyway, on to the theoretical. I vacillated between shifting the class to monk or ranger and eventually settled on monk because I want to play around a bit with the Kensai archetype.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Noble-Born Half-Orc (Half-Orc Mastermind)

This a character concept that was originally something that popped up when I was rolling up random
combinations of race, class, and background. In the same batch there was a Changeling Barbarian Gladiator who was in a self-exile after some embarrassing event back home. When I was trying to figure out the half-orc noble thing, I somehow linked to the Changeling and the fact that Eberron Changelings can change so thoroughly that they can conceive/sire children as if they were the race they were shape-shifted into. This was changed over later when I carried over the character concept without bringing in the other characters.

The general concept is that the reason she is a half-orc is due to her parents experimenting with shapeshifting-aided roleplay. There are plenty of other origins that could produce a half-orc noble but this one does come with the idea of other nobles making constant snide remarks about either her parents' habits or else the possibility that there was some infidelity going on. In the course of this time growing up she learned to be more clever and agile than the average half-orc, eventually being tapped as an agent of the land.

The original background was a Noble, because that is what inspired this whole concept, but I think in the long run even though she is a noble, her overall background better fits Faction Agent or Spy. I'm settling on Faction Agent to represent her loyalty to nation.

Ship's Medic (Goliath Alchemist)

Suggested by a friend of mine, there is apparently an NPC that's going to be present on the ship our characters are imprisoned on. She specified the race, class and specialization, but she didn't specify backstory or personality. As I recall, we've been captured by a group analogous to the East India Company. I am going to go ahead and run the character as a sailor representing their position on a sky-ship. However, Goliath already gives Athletics as a skill, so I will be adding a different skill in for the background.

I am using the Artificer from Unearthed Arcana. I tried to download the version WotC put on the Dungeon Master's Guild, but every download I've done has come out a bit corrupted and won't open. I'm hoping they're essentially the same since the DMG entry is marked as the Unearthed Arcana Artificer class. 

For this I am using my typical theoretical 30 pt array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Satyr Enchantress (Variant Human Archfey Warlock)

Yes, her name is a horrible pun on Saturday.
This is another case where I am using a combination of class and race to represent the natural abilities
of a magical creature. So this is less of a matter of having a pact than it is just not having the normal mortal perspective. That said, this also reminds me of a character I had and played just a very little bit in City of Heroes who was a woman which stumbled into a faerie glen and woke up in the morning as a satyr. Art of said character is what I choose for the art here.

In CoH, the character was an electricity / storm defender, but for this build I am leading more toward an idea of a playful enchantress. Thus her overall all strength will be more in the interaction parts of the game than the combat parts.

I have considered two potential races for this build. One of those was tiefling and the other was the variant human. My original thought was to go with tiefling because it has the appropriate appearance and with the Devil's Tongue option from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, it does fit some of what a satyr would be. Then I started to think that if the race isn't really the race but just half of the combination to make the whole, then I could easily go with the variant human. This especially so given some of the feats I could take. A lot of GMs would insist that if I wanted horns and hooves, that I should take the tiefling class, but for my mind things like physical appearance and lifespan are more flavor issues that generally don't impact gameplay and thus can be changed as desired. Combined with the back story for the character art I chose, I've decided to go with the variant human. As a side note, this also means that I don't have Hellish Resistance or Darkvision. The Darkvision is not unfitting, but the Hellish Resistance isn't particularly on theme and makes another reason why going to human is a better fit. I also considered half-elf, but only briefly as the feat that comes with the variant human does a lot to fill in the character.

This means that I've somehow backended myself from recreating a satyr via other classes into having a person who was transformed into a satyr after spending a night partying with fae which I'm fine with. It would make the concept easier to fit into a standard D&D game and aside from arguing horns and hooves on a "human" as part of the pact, this is pretty fitting.

Arcane Templar (Scourge Aasimar Devotion Paladin)

This is based on a character that I haven't gotten to play in a campaign yet, as so many of my theoreticals are. In this case the character was originally an Arcane Templar, which was a variation of Magus from Pathfinder. The Magus class was an arcane caster that merged fighting arts with magic and used it to enhance their fighting skills. Arcane Templar further mixed in elements of Paladin borrowing some of the class features of that and altering them to fit the Magus class.

The character in question was an aasimar who could pass for human and had an uncommonly long life-span. By the time the campaign was supposed to start she was actually a great-grandmother despite still looking in her early 20s. Her grandchildren were running the family lands and she had decided to take up the call that had been interrupted in her youth when she was captured and tortured by a cult of some kind. She feels now that she has had plenty of time to recover and is questing to find the purpose the heavens have for her, and hoping she hasn't started too late. I was going to not mention this to the other players and hoped it would be sprung on them later when we were in the country my character hailed from.

I've considered a couple of different ways to model this character ranging from the bladesinger wizard tradition, re-worked to have a different fluff for the mechanics, the favored soul sorcerer, an arcana cleric, and a few other options. However, in the end, the paladin is the best fit for the templar's abilities.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dryad Warden (Wood Elf Primeval Guardian)

Huntress by
The primeval guardian conclave for ranger put me off for a while until I realized that I could model a dryad using it. I am also going to do something unusual and choose something other than a bow for the dryad to use. At the moment I'm writing this, I'm not entirely sure what. I sort of want to save the bonus action for changing in and out of guardian mode, because the guardian mode is slow and if I'm doing melee I'll want to be able to switch a bit easier than normal. Probably a polearm of some sort which means she's going to be

To model the base capability of the dryad I decided to go for a Wood Elf. I considered the Eladrin, as it is the more fey-like of the races, but I don't really like the way it is built in Unearthed Arcana. I could use the DMG version, but the Wood Elf has racial abilities that benefit this concept, so that is what I am going to use.

Caretaker of the Forest (Firbolg Circle of the Moon)

Firbolgs are cast in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, in the recent Volo's Guide to Monsters, as stealthy and gentle giants who expend a great deal of effort to protect the lands in which they make their homes. Toward that end, I've decided to build a theoretical around the idea of a firbolg druid. When I settled down to which Circle to focus on, I considered the Shepherd, the Dream, and the Land first, but eventually decided that the Circle of the Moon would provide the best sort of stealth in the form of becoming an animal to watch those coming into the forests.

For background, I am going to go with the Hermit rather than the Outlander. As this seems more like someone who has been living on their own for quite a while, even separated from other firbolg somehow.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dwarven War-Sage (Mountain Dwarf Abjurer)

As I have said in a recent blog post, there is a reduced incentive for me to combine the dwarf race with anything that gains Martial Weapon Proficiency because of the perception that I am wasting points in doing so due to their being no consideration for the overlap of the racial proficiencies and class proficiencies. Similarly, the mountain dwarf subrace is even more incentive to avoid places where a class provides Light and Medium armor proficiency for the same reason. That said, this presents a lot of incentive for playing a dwarf of a class not normally associated with those skills.

In this case, I'm focusing on a Wizard.

Snow Priest - (Variant Human Nature Theurgist)

One weakness of the cleric class is that it focuses entirely on warrior clerics. There are several faiths in the various settings where the idea that most of the clergy is trained in use of armor and weapons is rather silly. For example, the priesthood of Sune, Sharess, and Deneir are much less likely to be stout warriors in addition to their faith. Even Ilmater's and Lathander's priests would be primarily those untrained in military arts. The typical Cleric class of D&D is something that could possibly turn up in every faith, given the need for protecting the faithful, but would only be common in the worship of figures like Torm, Tyr, St. Cuthbert, or Bane.

Further, the majority of fictional priests are of the robed non-combatant variety. Most of the time that you find battle priests it shows up in pieces of fiction directly inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Even in settings that are directly inspired by D&D, such as Record of Lodoss War, you primarily find that priests are lightly armored, if at all, and wielding staves and their faith.

This matter is somewhat addressed by the Unearthed Arcana wizard tradition of the Theurgist with some notable difficulties. First, the Theurgist will never get the Turn Undead, Destroy Undead, and Divine Intervention capabilities. Second, the majority of their spell list still ends up being arcane in nature. This is fine if you're dealing with a wizard who also serves a god or philosophy, but comes out weird if you're trying to portray a priest who focuses on their faith to the exclusion of military training. Another option is the Favored Soul which faces even more difficulties for matching this character type and is also not the focus of the current theoretical build.

As a note, I allow Theurgists to add extra cleric spells if they first get their Domain Spells they currently have access to. For example, if you are a 4th level theurgist and have already taken the Domain spells you'd get at levels 2 and 3, then you can take other spells now. I also allow them to scribe spells from cleric scrolls once they have met this requirement. I make similar considerations for Clerics of the Arcana Domain regarding wizard spells. I assume any such spell either way would be connected to the primary stat of the relevant class.

Dungeons and Dragons Issues with Character Building

To start, I am going to say that while this post is going to focus on where D&D annoys me with how it builds characters, I still do like the game. The 5th edition has done the best job at being able to adapt to various play styles and allow for legitimate flexibility of build of any of the previous editions. These issues I find are ones other people will not care about but that's fine. Not every game is for every player and if the problems I have were addressed new problems would definitely rise up that other people have trouble with. That said, let's get on with it.

Cleric of the Forge (Hill Dwarf Forge Cleric)

This is going to be a little bit of a stereotypical character: the dwarven cleric of a forge god, but I want to create a cleric with a race that has a little bit more flexibility in terms of spending Ability Score Improvements so I can spend a couple of the early improvements on some particular feats. I had a couple of potential ideas of what to use, and I might do some of those others later, but first I'm going to do this version. I am going to stick with the normal array for this and I don't have a particular idea in mind for how to give this a new twist. It's just a little bit of investigation into what this will look like. For that matter, the two Feats I'm considering for this aren't particularly unique and are rather obvious for a cleric to use.

Air-Headed Healer (Drow Life Cleric)

Back when I was still playing Dungeons and Dragons Online, I for a time played a drow cleric
unimaginatively named Peenk (her hair was pink). She was mostly geared toward healing and obliterating undead. Her Wisdom and Charisma was quite high, as was her Strength, because I knew going in I wanted heavier armor, but her Intelligence was really low. This is the reason I'm not using the normal 10 to 15 array I normally use here, because I want to be able to get the lower intelligence. I could have gone with a normal, default array, but I just like the extra flexibility of the 30 pt array.

Due to being mostly focused on healing, I'm going to go with the Life Domain. There aren't any of the feats I used in 3.X to enhance the character's abilities regarding turning undead or healing, but that's fine. Note on the art, I don't currently have DDO uploaded and can't remember which of my turbine accounts has it. However, I do have Neverwinter Nights 2 and was thus able to reproduce something similar to what Peenk looked like. I actually have another Drow cleric who was a nature cleric and archer who has been recreated in the list of 5e recreations.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Vampiric Sniper (Dhampir Gunslinger)

This is based a bit on Seras Victoria from the anime Hellsing and I am going to be using Matthew Mercer's Gunslinger and Benjamin Huffman's Dhampir race to pull this off. To actually do Seras, I'd mix bits of Warlock, Barbarian, and Gunslinger, but for this I'm going to be focusing on doing a straight Gunslinger build.

There isn't much to say about this save that she's a vampire with a gun. I could try to completely recreate Seras's backstory and abilities, but she's rather more varied than D&D makes easy to represent with its system. In this case, I'm going to be focusing mostly on Dexterity and Wisdom with some Constitution as well. That said, if this were Hero System, I'd have her with some rather middling Dexterity but high Strength and Constitution. This is because in 6th edition Hero System the ability to hit is not directly tied to any of the characteristics but has to be bought separately.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hobgoblin Sky Pirate III - (Hobgoblin Bard of Valor)

This is another direction that I had decided I might go with this concept. In fact, as I desired to play a full caster, this one was ahead of the barbarian on the list of likelihoods. In the end I settled on the sorcerer option one I finally created the actual character. In the end, I had decided the fact that I had previously played a bard (granted only as far as level 4) settled me on sorcerer. Though that doesn't really make much sense given I have also recently played a sorcerer. Both bard and sorcerer are versatile enough classes that one might play very differently from another. That said, I also was feeling stubbornly determined to make best use of the Martial Training racial trait by taking a class that did not normally have martial weapons or armor proficiency. This is also what set me against Cleric and Druid while the firm desire to use a greatsword a la the picture settled me against Rogue.

Hobgoblin Sky-Pirate II (Hobgoblin Storm Herald)

When I was considering classes for building the hobgoblin sky-pirate concept, I went through a
couple of different concepts for it. So I'm going to stat out a couple of those variants here. This concept was inspired by a combination of the Pathfinder art and the GM's description of the world. I had been thinking of wanting to play a character based on that art for a while already and the world description of islands floating in air with great moons orbiting the remains of shattered world sold me on the Sky Pirate idea.

I am going to start with a Storm Herald barbarian. The description of the world setting certainly inspired me to the idea of a storm theme early. Also there was Taliesin Jaffe's portrayal of a Storm Herald Pirate in the Stream of Annihilation that also sparked my interest. Contrary to the version that's going live, using the Storm Sorcerer, this one will go for the desert storm as the Throne Moon of Jakhan she hails from is heavily connected to the element of fire.

One of the deciding elements not to go this way with Vimi was that another player was also thinking of playing barbarian. Plus I really enjoy pushing the limits of a concept, so trying to make a survivable melee sorcerer was an interesting challenge. However, it's interesting to explore some of the other concepts I had for her.

Hobgoblin Sky Pirate - (Hobgoblin Storm Sorcerer)

I am partly doing this as a sort of plan for how to proceed with a character I will be playing fairly soon in a campaign based around flying, magical ships piloting between moons in orbit around the remains of a shattered world. Islands drifting within the air. The major civilizations being on the moons but with spotty settlements on the various islands here and there and lots of places with elemental portals.

Now, there's a couple of things I know, the first is that in the actual campaign we will have the ability to gain feats via training as rewards for gaining reputation and renown within various factions. The other is that I always end up deviating from plans. One thing to note is that if you go with a specialty in thunder and lightning, you're going to want to be closer to the combat than usual for sorcerers. A lot of thunder and lightning stuff, including every cantrip, is short range or melee in nature. The hobgoblin race also comes with some armor and weapon proficiencies. Not as much as the mountain dwarves, mind you, but enough to make melee a bit easier on the player.

As another note, for this campaign we're refluffing the crossbows as pistols and rifles. They're using the exact same stats, but just a flavor change. Also note, I'm away from the house and using the old PDF names for some of the Storm Sorcerer traits, these will be fixed if they're off when I get home.

For this I am using the 30 point buy were given for the campaign.

Vanifer Burns Out - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-Six

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

Within the bard's summoned shelter;
Time was taken to examine the haul;
In their place south of the smelter;
Though they had not time to see all.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Vimi Ajam - Hobgoblin Storm Sorcerer

Sorcerer Level 1

Background: Pirate

Str: 14
Dex: 12
Con: 15
Int: 14
Wis: 8
Cha: 15

HP: 8
AC: 12
Sorcerer Save DC: 12
Speed: 30ft

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Shiny Red Candy-Like Button - Airship Lost - Divine Blood Campaign - Third Session

[The camera screen shows a flickering blue light radiating off of the energy blade held by Lydia. The
image is shakily focused on the blade more than the various features of the walls around them. In the background, it is barely possible to catch the obvious signage in the Romanesque metal walls. The writing comes into focus enough to reveal an unknown set of syllables.]

So it's not a lightsaber, apparently. It's a "mana blade." It's still really cool. 

"Shouldn't you be filming the cages?"

What, Mr Darring? Oh, right. These things.

The Shiny Red Candy-Like Button - Airship Lost - Session Three Gameplay Notes

I ended up not compelling as many Aspects this session this time. This was the first Significant Milestone meaning that the party received 11 XP here. My original thought was that they would encounter some monsters rather than civilized people and then they would find enough stuff to scavenge to give their ship some decent navigation and ability to detect shards at range. Instead, they've come to the conclusion that this city-sized shard with an unknown number of supernatural predators would make a nice base of operations that they could fix and steer it around in their quest for home. So now they plan to use the Sol Suna for basically patrolling around the shard...once they make it safer to inhabit.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Patricia Althius - Vampiric Veteran - City of Mists

Patricia Althius is a character I created for a grittier than average Mutants and Masterminds game that never ended up happening. She then became the first of a set of four protagonists I had in mind for a visual novel idea. She is also the inspiration of two separate versions of a vampiric D&D 5e character in my theoretical D&D 5e builds page

Patricia Althius - City of Mists - Character Sheet

Character Journal

Mythos: The Count of Monte Cristo / Lamashtu

Logos: The Guardian

(unnamed, undecided)

Other Tags

Defector from Old Money - Logos Theme: Defining Event

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Crack: 0/3

Identity: "My family are parasites for whom I must atone."

After the hostage event when she was a teenager, it became evident that her father and mother cared more for the family secrets than they did for their own children.

A Patriot's Duty - Logos Theme: Mission

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Crack: 0/3

Identity: "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Patricia served as an MP in the War and was discharged over concerns that she was suffering from PTSD. She still has a driving need to be of service to her people.

Knight in Sour Armor - Logos Theme: Personality

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Crack: 0/3

Identity: "Don't judge a warrior by the lack of muscle tone."

Patricia's physical transformation has erased most of the signs of her physical training and war-time experiences. Likewise, many setbacks have left her frustrated and sour with life, but she holds tight to her duty.

Suddenly Vampirism - Mythos Theme: Bastion

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Fade: 0/3

Mystery: "What exactly happened in that tomb?"

Ever since she fell into that old tomb on her tour in the War, Patricia has been changing into something else.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Heat is On - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-Five

Fire Mage by

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

The band awoke on the morn;
To find their locksmith somewhat gone;
But they were not truly forlorn;
As Lohn awoke with shrunken yawn.

Monday, September 18, 2017

M-Com Mission Report - Operation: Weird Library

M-Com Campaign

Watch Report - Scenic Waterfalls, Disgusting Sludge, and Domestic Bliss

As my final watch report, I have to say that the Moon Light Monastery's facilities continue to surprise me with their periodic lapses in basic common sense. We eventually found the underground river into which the mountain-top lake apparently feeds and which apparently moves on to the water supplies all across the region. It was not that far underground, perhaps a day's exploration from the worked portions of the monastery's basement. If they had merely taken the effort some centuries back to establish some basic security, they might have been able to prevent the events of the past few weeks.

Chosen of Two Patrons - Tiefling (Winged Variant) Fiendish Pact Warlock

Works for the over-the-top battle-form they often took.
This character is based on a tiefling witch I played in a Mythic Pathfinder campaign focused on settling a newly discovered continent. Due to the inclusion of the Mythic rules, they got very powerful for their level.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Away With the Team - Airship Lost - Divine Blood Campaign - Second Session

[The face in the camera is not Aeryn but the narrow faced visage of a teenaged fox-girl wearing an over-sized boy's high school uniform.]

Hey world! This is Akiko and I'm currently running towards the kitchen to record another exciting episode of REGULAR ORDINARY SWEDISH KITSUNE MEAL TIME!!! I'm not the cook my sister Amaya is but I HAVEN'T STOLEN FOOD FOR OVER TEN YEARS and MY HANDS ARE SHAKING!!! So I'm going to find everything made of chocolate, throw it together and eat it!

[She has very clearly sharp teeth and nails. Her exuberance and energy seem to be at the very least the equal of Aeryn's and somehow she's gotten hold of Aeryn's camera. Behind her, Mr. Holt and Aeryn Lee are chasing after her, Aeryn is somehow keeping pace but seems to be holding a stitch in her side.]

"Get back here you!"

"I want my camera back you fox-tailed thief!"

[They run past a beautiful blonde woman with blue facial marks talking to the ship's doctor as the chase goes past. These two also join the chase.]

Stupid boy pants!

[Akiko pauses a moment to shake free of her pants and toss them back at Mr. Holt. He dodges but they catch the doctor in the face and the woman slams into a wall as the rest of the chasers move on past her.]

"Hey! Stop throwing your clothes at us!"


Friday, September 15, 2017

Away With the Team - Airship Lost - Session Two Gameplay Discussion

I've changed the operation to a black background because it is a bit easier on my eyes.

Airship Lost - Lydia Locheia-Turan, Young and Reckless Goddess

Lydia Locheia-Turan - Daughter of Artemis and Aphrodite - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - Daughter of Artemis and Aphrodite, Adopted by Hephaestus
Ambition - To Find and Preserve Nature
Background - Trained by Artemis and Aphrodite
Conviction - The Tongue is Mightier than the Sword
Disadvantage - Unsure of her Limits

Exceptional Skill - A Face for Every Situation (Metabolic)
Exceptional Skill - Minds Have No Locks (Sensitive)
Exceptional Skill -Lover Not a Fighter (Persuasion)
Help - Favorite Daughter (Persuasion)
Extraordinary Skill - Honey Tongued Seductress (Deception)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Watch Report - Fresh Vision, Climbing Shafts, and Lack of Signage

Following our encounter with the bizarre creatures we took the opportunity to rest and recover. The trauma of the situation was enough to trigger the draconic essence in my blood and give me insight on how I might avoid being blinded by the dark going forward. I must say that the nature of this new sort of vision was not quite what I was expecting. As long as there was some sort of light in the area then I could see as if it were brightest day with a sun sitting conveniently overhead. However, as soon as we snuffed our lights and traveled forward in the black gloom, leaving only Nicola and Panry without light, then the world became cast in a bizarre sort of ashen grey.

The Dread Waiting List - Re: Geek and Sundry

For those of you who are waiting for Sagas of Sundry: Madness to make it's way round at last like some rough beast whose time has come. Here's a couple of suggestions from me of things that can tide you over a bit.

Yes, I know I'm about a month late, but were coming round to October so might as well offer some up.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Watch Report - Insufficient Lighting, Unmarked Paths, and Dangerous Squatters

It occurs to me that the monks of this order should have put a higher priority on placing lighting down in these caverns. The darkness is thick about the place. Torches make barely a dent in it and even my comrades with eyes adapted to the dark have difficulty telling where the walls of this place lie. They could be just barely out of the reach of our eyes or they could be hundreds of feet away. It is difficult to tell. This also means that it is potentially easy to get lost in the gloom and be unable to find the way back up.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Taking Flight into the Void - Airship Lost - Session One Gameplay Discussion

I slipped a little bit on keeping note of ongoing situations on the play grid.

Back to the Airship Lost index - Aeryn Lee's Travel Log - Yukimura Amaya's Perspective  

The game went pretty well, there was quite a bit of player versus player content involved here as Ichiro/Amaya/Akiko waking up post-unsealing got a little bit jumpy and prone to acting out. Aspect Compels drove the game for the most part and added lots of complications to the general situation of stuff going wildly wrong.

Taking Flight into the Void - Airship Lost - Divine Blood Campaign - First Session

Art by Lazenritter
Aeryn Lee's Travel Log - April 8th, 2011

[The camera is in motion showing it's owner pointing it at her own face. She is an exuberantly cheerful young woman in her early twenties. She has a mix of features usually only found in people of diverse heritage or enough money for custom cosmetic genetic modification.]

Hey all! Day two-hundred of my travels around the world and back again! 

[As she moves it is obvious she's walking through a very busy corridor of high-tech, curved design. Along one side is a sleek bulkhead and the other shows the view of a city lingering below. Only snippets of it can be seen behind the girl's face.]

Most of you already know this, but in case this your first time viewing my vlog, earlier this year the Seattle earthquake severely damaged the University and they made the shift to make a lot of classes being available on a digital format. By now, of course, most of the repairs are done, but I and a few other people decided to stick with the digital format and take our studies on the road. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Airship Lost NPCs

Hattie B Fry - Captain of the Ship, Newly boarded starting on her first tour with the ship.

Aeryn Lee - Traveling film student with a knack for being present without people noticing her and documenting events as they occur.

Back to the Airship Lost index

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

M-Com Mission Report - Operation: Jealous Touchdown

M-Com Campaign

Divine Blood - Wasps Among Butterflies - Mother's Last Day

This session includes three characters:
  • Arianrhod Monica Trengove (aka Aria), the succubus and Perfect Yandere of War who believes Psyche is Doing the Right Thing and is Lost Outside the Hierarchy
  • Sophia Ecks, Ainur of the Interface and Virtual Apex Predator who lives on The Bleeding Edge
  • Sarah Gow, a Napoleonic Werepanther from an Urbanized Tribe who's a Practiced Shapeshifter
The optimism is on page 1D

Airship Lost - Fourth Divine Blood Playtest Campaign

Campaign Title Aspect: Airship Lost

Theme Aspect: Lost in the Shards

Mood Aspect: Taking the Long Way Home

The campaign follows the trials and tribulations of four individuals who step onto luxury air-ship cruise liner, The Sol Suna, expecting a relaxing vacation but instead finding themselves caught up in bizarre circumstances that will catapult them into an adventure beyond the boundaries of what they knew to be Earth's reality. Some of them have greater knowledge than others as to where they will find themselves, but they will all still face the problem of being lost.

Airship Lost - The Sol Suna

The International Cruise Corporation would like to extend its invitation to all comers. We offer an exciting package of fun and adventure for all ages and walks of life. Everyone deserves a bit of the exotic in their lifetime and we aim to provide that with cruise packages at different levels of luxury as suited to the individual's needs.
Picture from the worldofjaymz wiki

The Sol Suna is one of our most popular vessels being of the reliable and renowned Cloud-Skimmer Model of luxury air ships. Constructed of the most amazingly lightweight and strong alloys allowing for building the passenger quarters and recreational facilities around the buoyancy reservoirs, this model of air ship allows for great freedom of artistic design without sacrificing practical concerns and International Cruises has spared no expense in making sure that its ships are the most beautiful available in the skies.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Airship Lost - Aislin Newell, The Demon of Vacuum

Aislin Newell - Demon of Vacuum - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - A Guide to Nothing
Ambition - Live Long, See it All
Background - Meteor Watch for Generations
Conviction - Starry Sky of Small Desires
Disadvantage - Dark Side of Fate

Exceptional Skill - Deaf to All But the Song (Willpower)
Foe - Short-Lived and Self Important (Persuasion)
Gear - Inter-Shard MacGuyver (Resources)
Help - People Need Me (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill - Humanotech is Beneath Me (Craft)

Airship Lost - Yukimura Amaya (Akiko), Two-Tailed Kitsune

Yukimura Amaya - Two-Tailed Kitsune - Airship Lost Campaign - Origin of the Twin-Tails

Defining Aspect - Twin-Tailed From Birth
Ambition - Wannabe Psyche Secretary
Background - Bravura Academy Robotics Club
Conviction - Honesty is the Best Policy
Disadvantage - Walking Disaster Area

Exceptional Skill - More than Smoke and Mirrors (Manipulative)
Foe - Yakyou, Kitsune Godmother (Deception)
Gear - Scavenging and Scrounging (Resources)
Help - Everyone's Little Sibling (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill - I'm Helping! (Willpower)

Akiko - Second Personality
Character Aspect - Fun at All Costs
Character Aspect - Twisted Sister
Specialty Aspect - Incorrigible Trickster (Deception)
Specialty Aspect - Aw, Yiss, Skritches (Willpower)

Airship Lost - Detective Malcolm Reynolds, Vacationing Cop

Detective M. Reynolds - Police Detective - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - Top-Notch Super Cop
Ambition - To Better Serve All Communities
Background - Thrown in the Deep End and Came Out Fine
Conviction - To Protect and Serve
Disadvantage - New to the Supernatural

Exceptional Skill - World Class Gumshoe (Emapthy)
Foe - TBD
Gear - Nirvana Class Smartphone (Resources)
Help - Urd Likes Me (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill - TBD

Airship Lost - Rudyard Holt, Captain of the Guard

Rudyard Holt - Security Chief - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - Tired Guard Captain
Ambition - Peace in My World
Background - HM Armed Forces
Conviction - Good in All of Us
Disadvantage - Moral to a Fault

Extraordinary Skill - Born Leader (Persuasion)
Foe - Speedy Little Scamps (Agility)
Gear - Piracy Deterrents (Craft)
Help - Second in Command (Resources)
Inferior Skill - Trust in the Squad (Perception)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Account - The Unfortunate Ormwood Babysitter - Page 2

Lucy Chambers is found, something I had not expected to be able to say so soon. However, this does not end my involvement in the matters. We will turn the reincarnating spirit over to VASCU, of course, most likely with minimal explanation as to their nature, but there remains the matter of the person who first sent the creature to the Chambers' door. We have chosen between us to investigate further but even without that consensus I would have to face this task. There is an account that must be balanced.

Client: Vanguard Serial Crimes Units represented by Agents MacCrae and Glass

Matter in Question: A six-year old girl is missing after her babysitter was killed.

Factions and Fathers - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-Three

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

The six heroes fresh from dousing the flame;
Returned to Waterdeep to discuss the future;
With each faction taking moves in the game;
And taking to the crisis a political suture.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Asset - Syngery and Psyche - Resource

Michael may think that my humanity is gone but this is not entirely true. While I may now barely flinch at the idea that a person might need to be killed, my dislike of the idea is merely muted, not absent. Death is not an end as we had thought. You are not erasing a person by killing them, merely exiling them to the twilight. At least, that is one way to view it. This may in fact be a matter of justification, but the truth is, my old human considerations are faint shadows. The driving matter in my life is the Bargain, the arrangement I have with the Auditor. For the moment, we are mostly in accord and the matters of power are mostly balanced. Perhaps we might be able to come to a better arrangement in the future, but things are well for the moment.

Asset: Synergy and Psyche

Matter in Question: These are the concepts around which my life now revolves.

Item 1: Synergy: The status of my cooperation with my Geist.
Item 1a: This has overshadowed everything else.
Item 1b: Currently, The Auditor and myself have good synergy.
Item 1c: I cannot abandon myself or ignore the Auditor too far.
Item 1d: It is a balancing game.
Actions to be Taken: Explore where The Auditor and myself can best interact.

Item 2: Psyche: A measure of my strength as a Sin-Eater.
Item 2a: Limits how much plasm I can hold.
Item 2b: Limits how much plasm I can use.
Item 2c: Aids in resisting drugs, disease, and supernatural abilities.
Actions to be Taken: Build my Psyche.

Account - Blackmouth - City

Before I acquired my partnership with the Auditor, I had thought the deluge of catastrophe that I say day after day was normal. I don't know why, because I had never been anywhere else for any extended period of time. Now I am curious what life might have been had I grown up in an area where death and despair were not so prevalent around every corner of the city. However, I must set that aside, this seems to be a sign of a great inequity. The city simply takes without really giving back. There must be a cause for it and there must be a way to set everything on the proper tracks again.

City: Blackmouth

Matter in Question: Supernatural roach motel.

Item 1: History of "Taking" People: People die here.
Item 1a: Lucy Chambers claims that Blackmouth has a history of taking people.
Item 1b: She says its been getting worse.
Actions to be Taken: Find the cause of this danger.

Item 2: Arcane Experimentations: Reckless mages.
Item 2a: The geomancy has been disrupted.
Item 2b: Detritus from various experiments.
Actions to be Taken: Locate failed experiments. Point Erica at them.

Item 3: Vampire Depredations
Item 3a: There seems to have been a greater than average population of vampires in the area.
Item 3b: One group of vampires abandoned their stronghold.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about the vampire presence in the area.

Item 4: Lucy Chambers
Item 4a: Always reborn in the Blackmouth area.
Actions to be Taken: Learn why Lucy is stuck here.

Account - The Masons - Family

At first, I had not thought much about Skye. I still work with my coworkers without them being aware of my nature so it seemed not to be a matter of concern that she worked the register at Tanelorn Games. The revelation that her mother knows about Lucy Chamber through more than one life and can guide one to finding Hecate was incredibly jarring, however. If for no other sake than to keep an eye for when she might find trouble I think it is appropriate to keep an eye on them.

Family: Amanda and Skye Mason.

Matter in Question: A family that seems to be involved often with the supernatural.

Item 1: Skye Mason: Cashier at Tanelorn Games
Item 1a: There is some history between her and Ames.
Actions to be Taken: None at Present.

Item 2: Amanda Mason: Children's Advocate
Item 2a: Mentioned by Graham Ellis as a primary caretaker of children.
Item 2b: Directed Lucy on how to find Hecate and take refuge with her.
Item 2c: Stumbled into the occult according to Lucy.
Actions to be Taken: Meet her.

Account - Unknown Vampire Cult - Organization

I would like very much to meet a vampire that is not a terrible person. Or at least no more terrible than I currently am myself. I will admit that my current situation is giving me some leeway with regard to whether a vampire should be tolerated or not. But to date, all of the one vampire with which I have had close interaction with have been terrible people and the memories I have from Onora Seward do not speak highly of the others.

Organization: Vampire Cult

Matter in Question: Had a presence in Blackmouth during the 1850s

Item 1: Abandoned Stronghold: The catacombs of Manton Memorial Church.
Item 1a: The facility in the catacombs is extensive.
Item 1b: It was abandoned over 100 years ago.
Item 1c: It may still be vulnerable to being re-occupied by the vampire cult.
Actions to be Taken: Bar the cult from returning.

Item 2: Christian Mythology: The cult seems to follow a Christian-based ideology.
Item 2a: Many Christian symbols appear in friezes.
Item 2b: The imagery has vampiric notes added to it.
Item 2c: Of particularly central concern is the soldier who stabbed Jesus.
Item 2d: The soldier who stabbed Jesus is a vampire but Jesus is not.
Actions to be Taken: Research the friezes more to learn more about the cult's beliefs.

Item 3: Cruelty Unimagined: There is evidence they were responsible for atrocities.
Item 3a: Onora Seward's memories of the vampires were unpleasant.
Item 3b: The catacomb facility includes much in the way of torture devices.
Actions to be Taken: Seek the cult's victims.

Account - Edna Forney - Client

Innocent bystanders get caught in the line of fire all the time. That is partially how I came to be what I am. In this case, Edna had the misfortune to be the babysitter of Lucy Chambers who was a reincarnating spirit which had trusted the family of a prior life a little bit too much. The attack on the house and Edna's death was a bit less surprising to Lucy, but she did not directly cause the danger. For Edna's debtor, we'll have to look elsewhere.

Client: Edna Forney

Matter in Question: College student shot to death by a summoned spirit.

Item 1: New Ghost: Torn
Item 1a: Killed by gunshot.
Item 1b: Hollow points make a mess.
Item 1c: Seems to have taken to death well. May just be in shock.
Actions to be Taken: Keep an eye on how she adjusts.

Item 2: Interested in Heaven: Disappointed in what death is like.
Item 2a: I could not answer her questions.
Actions to be Taken: Look into heaven.

Item 3: Yearbooks: College yearbooks.
Item 3a: Her yearbooks are her anchor.
Item 3b: They were going to her boyfriend.
Actions to be Taken: Identify other anchors.

Item 4: Lucy's Babysitter: Was unaware of the danger.
Item 4a: Lucy's actions did not directly lead to her death.
Item 4b: Lucy has promised to look out for her ghost.
Actions to be Taken: Relate the situation to Edna.

Account - The Enlightened Ones - Organization

Hecate referred to the Enlightened Ones before and I had thought it was an umbrella term for whatever Erica and Rosa are. However, it occurs now that these Enlightened Ones are a specific order of mages that used to operate in the area. Judging by the commentary from Lucy and the way Erica reacted on finding the Gate, these Enlightened Ones are particularly reckless members of their kind.

Organization: The Enlightened Ones

Matter in Question: Ancient order of mages.

Item 1: Arcane Experimentations: Left several messes in Blackmouth
Item 1a: Lucy Chambers claims they messed up the area's geomancy.
Item 1b: Lucy also claims Hecate was different before them.
Item 1c: Lucy indicates they were responsible for the distorted Gate under Manton.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the purpose of these experiments. Ascertain whether the Enlightened Ones are still active.

Item 2: Mages: They are "mages" whatever that might mean.
Item 2a: Black-Winged Angel case indicated the Enlightened Ones are the same kind as Rosa and Erica.
Actions to be Taken: Ask about what a mage is.

Aengus - Master of Disguise

Aengus as he currently appears
The thief known only as Fog was born in Beregost, south of Baldur’s Gate to a seamstress and militiaman who worked for the city guard. His parents never really invested much time in him, more interested in their own pursuits – his father, his work and his mother, her standing in the community – so he developed into something of a troublemaker. His early mischief was met with swift punishment from the militia and later his father’s hand so he learned to lie, charm and deceive, plying accomplices with favours and vague promises. He grew addicted to the thrill of the gamble, the rush of the swindle.

Talindra - Knight of the Fey

Once there lived an outsider on the fringes of the High Forest, keeping to himself and living a simple life. He carved fallen wood into pieces that he traded for the few necessities he could not grow or gather for himself, content that the best way to make the world well was to have no part in it. The fates of great kingdoms or the threat of orc hordes were of no concern to him for they were far away and the problems of others, and the world would live on regardless. 

Marle - Bard of Blades and Metal

A traveler from a distant land, the Tiefling Bard known only as "Marle" is a teller of tales and a singer of songs, and she is willing to share them with whoever will listen. It seems that the only story that she is reluctant to tell, however, is the one regarding her own origin. When asked where she came from, she will often answer "Not from around here." This much is true, for her odd mannerisms make it apparent.

Lohn Slaf - Designated Locksmith

Lohn Now

is a proud member of Locksmith's Guild 271.

He's spent his entire life perfecting the creation of locks, and every so often helping someone who has 'accidentally' locked something they need opened.

Yuan-Ti Bodyguard (Yuan-Ti Pureblood Kensai)

This was another concept that came up when I was rolling up random combinations of race, class, and background. As I recall, I had split th...

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