Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Account - The Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church - Page 4

Onora Seward has come to an end. An end. I have not considered that phrasing before. Indeed, it is an end but not The End. All I have done is pushed her into the underworld. Given my nature I may yet see her again. She has left much damage in her wake. It may be too much damage for one sin-eater to repair in a lifetime. Still, a ground work must be laid and lessons must be learned. She began as an innocent, became a victim and then eventually became the predator and the abuser. It is too likely a danger not to ignore.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Account - Le Sang - Debtor

I had hoped the matter of Le Sang would be settled within the matter of Manton Memorial Church, but these questions were ultimately left in the dark. The presence of the vampiric Christian imagery under the Church leads me to believe that the matters are connected. I suppose I shall have to make contacts within the society of the vampires to answer these questions.

Debtor: Le Sang.

Matter in Question: A 19th century serial killer who may have actually been a vampire cult.

Item 1: Anemia in 1865-1875

Item 1a: The diary of Dr. T.K. Byron-Browne noted an unusual number of anemia cases.

Item 1b: This surge coincides with the Le Sang killings.

Actions to be Taken: Compare list of Le Sang victims to anemia sufferers of the same time period.

Item 2: Vampire Cult Haven under Manton Memorial Church

Item 2a: Was apparently abandoned at about the same time the anemia surge ended.

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about the vampire cult involved.

The Blast of Razors - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-Two

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

The Eternal Flame wavered and choked;
The last of the foul priests sought refuge;
A blurring cast of smoke he evoked;
Hoping to dodge the heroic deluge.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Account - Hecate

A rather mysterious entity. The Auditor recognized her immediately as Hecate. One has to wonder if the presence of one that might be called a Greek god or titan. During our exchange it mostly used the neutral, unsmiling face but occasionally shifted among the other two faces. She seems to take an interest in our investigation, but she was not summoned as far as we know but simply was already there. Perhaps she had some kind of premonition that we or some similar group would eventually arrive in this place.

Entity: Hecate

Matter in Question: An entity of power related to death as a whole.

Item 1: Appears as a vaguely feminine faceless creature with three masks in place of a face. 

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Hecate

Item 2: Speaks in simple phrases.

Item 2a: The phrases seem to have a different meaning each time they are used. 

Actions to be Taken: Study figurative and symbolic language to be better able to avoid being confused by this in the future.

Item 3: Seems to be somewhat neutral in attitude as well.

Actions to be Taken: Study Hecate's responses to learn how to read them.

Asset - Manton Memorial Church

Erica speaks of a "hallow", I have discovered a haunt and several potential momentos. Thordis may have mentioned a "chamber". And I think I may have heard the term "hollow" from Ames, though I'm not entirely sure whether that was just repeating what Erica said. In any case, this is a place of importance that we cannot afford to just let sit. It has already acquired one new resident which might be dangerous. We need to make sure it does not become more so.

Asset: The Church is abandoned and has no one controlling it for now.

Matter in Question: The Church is a locus of supernatural power.

Item 1: Expansive Catacombs: The space under the church has numerous tunnels.

Item 1a: Formerly inhabited by vampires.

Actions to be Taken: Secure control over the tunnels between the Gate and the upstairs. Secure against the potential return of vampires.

Item 2: Active Haunt: There is a room filled with the Threshold of Silence in the basement but above the Catacombs.

Item 2a: I have established a connection with the residue of the haunt.

Actions to be Taken: Acquire legal ownership of the land and building.

Item 3: Reality Bending Gate to Elsewhere: This was previously a gate to the Underworld.

Item 3a: It is still wide-open and presents a danger.
Actions to be Taken: Stabilize the Gate. Secure it against the emergence of danger. Ascertain whether or not we need to return the angel before it will secure itself. Look into space heaters.

Item 4: Site of Horrific Events: The vampires that dwelt here did many terrible things. 

Item 4a: Other terrible things have happened since.

Item 4b: Thordis seems enthusiastic about this.

Actions to be Taken: Confirm and deal with the presence of the dead.

Account - The Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church, Page 3

I have made a mistake. I took a step to balance an account but the currency I used does not address the debt in place. I let anger stoke my soul and panic direct it. Assaulting the Wraith Busters does nothing to fix the problems they have created and only creates a new problem. My initial thought that the cold and chill I faced was an equalization of my account is off, this is not equity. I still owe the Wraith Busters and the Wraith Busters still owe the ghosts and people they've slighted. This will be a difficult matter to address.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Evolution of Little Sister

In the early sessions of my brother's home-brew superhero game using Hero System 5th edition rules,we had our group's first real mission and it was to infiltrate a building that was acting as a front for the Pure, a human purist group who felt that human-alien hybrids were a corruption of the human genome. They had been inspired and started by the world's premiere telepath, Sarah Tabor, who was of the opinion that superpowers attracted too much attention to Earth and set about to eliminate the human-alien hybrids like herself before their presence attracted more attention from the hostile aliens that drove her non-human ancestors to Earth for refuge. Of course, she hid her nature and presented a more zealous and intolerance laced philosophy into the Pure.

Account - Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church - Page 2

I have begun to feel a bit of sympathy for Dr. Seward. Granted I have only seen the side of her shown to one Dr. T.K. Byron-Browne, and that side seems to have some degree of manufacture to it. I find it is almost certain that she was a supernatural entity of some variety. I find Dr. Byron-Browne's absurd claim that she found insight in her miscarriages abhorrent and the described image of her digging at the hard ground tears at me. I most desperately hope that she is not a beast that must be put down. I hope that she is a soul that must be given some rest instead.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Watch Report - Lightning Limits, Foreign Dignitaries, and Increasing Urgency

It seems that Gitava has been maintaining communication with the Moon Light Monastery. I'm not exactly sure what this entails. We are quite a bit far out of their normal area of influence this far north. I tried to distract the man and give the others a chance to look through his courier pouch, but unfortunately nobody took the chance. I think perhaps some coins were...misplaced, but by and large they just handed it back to this messenger who refused to state his business. Granted Athlin also does not precisely have power in this area, but still it is closer to our home than that of the ruling house of Gitava.

The Assault on the Scarlet Moon Hall - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-One

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

Aengus reunited with the party;
As they observed the Scarlet Moon Hall;
A haze of smoke quite hearty;
Choked out the air of and left a pall.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Account - Erica Blackburn - Co-Contractor

I have very little to go on involving Ericka Blackburn. She speaks with Rosa with a trace of familiarity but has no sign of the touch of death on her. As such, I can only assume that their kind is something more varied and less focused than a Sin-Eater. That said, I am the only Sin-Eater that I know of. Unless Thordis is a Sin-Eater, of course, though that feels unlikely.

Contractor: Ericka Blackburn
Matter in Question: Seems to have similar powers to Rosa Calvaria.
Item 1: Has a lot of talents with electronics and computers.

Actions to be Taken: None as of yet.

Item 2: Spoke of the "High Speech" in the context of supernatural powers.

Item 2a: She appears to have control over types of energy like electricity and kinetic energy. I think there was a brief mention of manipulating gravity

Item 2b: Untangled  "feedback loop" that fed the malfunctioning gate.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of Erica's powers.

Item 3: Was somewhat disapproving of my actions regarding the Wraith Busters.

Actions to be Taken: Make sure to come to an understanding.

Item 4: Is hot.

Item 4a: Also sets things on fire.

Item 4b: Also makes clever insults.

Item 4c: Also attracts attention.

Actions to be Taken: ....Uncertain

Account - Rosa Calvaria - Co-Contractor

 Rosa wears death in radiance and glory, I wanted to say it was in spite of the nature of death, but now I am not so sure. She is not ignorantly wrapping in the shallow glamour of it the way a goth does. No, she has too much influence over it to be so simple. She knows about what she is wearing, more so than most. I would not be surprised to learn that it was more than what I knew about death myself.

Contractor: Rosa Calvaria
Matter in Question: Rosa has unusual powers.

Item 1: Rosa is occasionally touched by death.

Item 1a: Rosa can see the Auditor.

Item 1b: Rosa does not appear as a Sin-Eater the way Thordis sometimes does.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of Rosa's connection to death.

Item 2: Rosa's house is steeped in death.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain whether there are ghosts present. Ascertain the presence of an Avernian Gate.

Item 3:  There seems to be some connection between Erica Blackburn and Rosa Calvaria.

Item 3a: Both speak of a "High Speech" as if it is connected to their powers.

Account - Michael Callahan - Co-Contractor

I have been Bound for less than a month and now I meet a supernatural with even less experience than myself. I suppose I should not be surprised that I am not the last creature to come into this world, but that it was so soon and in my own city. How many supernaturals are created across the world at any given moment? Do I want to know the answer?

Contractor: Michael Callahan
Matter in Question: Young supernatural.

Item 1: Michael is less experienced even than myself.

Action to be Taken: Support the fellow new supernatural. Study how common supernaturals are.

Item 2: Michael claims to be half-demon.

Action to be Taken: Ascertain the meaning of "demon".

Item 3: Michael was upset with my actions regarding the Wraith Busters. He may be justified.

Actions to be Taken: Reach an understanding. 

Item 4: Is a horrible shot.

Actions to be Taken: Make him a less than horrible shot. 

Account - Ames Janda - Client

A woman of infectious energy and passion for her hobbies. Ames is blind only physically. She is aware of everything going on within her business and is more than competent to protect the welcoming environment she seeks to create in her store. However there is a bit more to her than is immediately obvious. She has something about her as inhuman as my own secret.

Client: Ames Janda
Matter: Managing the books for Tanelorn Games 

Item 1: Financial Concerns: I have looked at the books and streamlined the accounts somewhat.

Actions to be Taken: Protect Tanelorn Games' finances.

Item 2: Tanelorn Games: Tanelorn Games has seen much death.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain whether or not there are accounts that need to be balanced within, get Ames permission.

Item 3: Ames Janda: Ames is blind but seems to have a supernatural touch of some kind.

Item 3a: Seems to have a connection to wind, somehow.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of her power.

Item 4: Informant: Relayed to me the nature of the Wraith Busters' fraudulent behavior.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain her opinion on my actions. 

Item 5: Worthy of Trust: A sudden feeling that came to me in the sewers.

Item 5a: Helped lead us out of the cursed sewers. 

Item 5b: Was oddly inspiring in the darkness of the tomb.

Actions to be Taken: Be worthy of Ames trust as she is worthy of mine. 

Account - Thordis Olvirsdottir - Creditor

Thordis is a large woman, there is no denying this. She has to duck under most door frames and towers above most men. And she is certainly a shady individual. She immediately recognized me as something supernatural and has taken to calling me a "Little Sister" she seems genial and honestly concerned with those around her, but I worry what it is that she has not yet shown me.

Creditor: Thordis Olvirsdottir
Matter in Question: Provided me with a weapon and a training space.

Item 1: Occasional Sin-Eater: She occasionally seems to be another Sin-Eater according to the Auditor. The Auditor isn't sure whether she's a Sin-Eater that can hide what she is or something that can pretend to be a Sin-Eater. We have not seen her Geist yet if she is a Sin-Eater.

Item 1a: Has powers relating to control over the environment. Specifically sealing exits and disrupting equipment.

Item 1b: Has great physical strength.

Item 1c: Seems to have unnatural influence over fear.

Item 1d: Redirected the gate from the Underworld to the "Primordial Dream" where "all the mortal fears of humanity" dwell.

Item 1e: May have seen her Geist. See Item 3.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain Thordis' True Nature, possibly some entity of manifested fear.

Item 2: Tyrannical Nature: Was perfectly fine with my handling of the Wraith Busters.

Item 2a: Thordis may be some sort of terrible thing. 

Item 2b: may be = is

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain whether or not this approval is a good thing. 

Item 3: Thordis's Geist. Thordis's Geist is not all that Geist-like.

Item 3a: Her geist is a big, red, giant with horns. Possibly Torn. Maybe Prey.

Item 3b: Her geist interacts with the world somehow.

Item 3c: Did her geist die in a shower?

Actions to be Taken: Ask the Auditor's opinion on what Thordis is. Figure out why her geist is wearing a towel. 

Character Journal

Account - Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church, Page 1

 It is harder to relate to people now. No, I must alter that statement. I have always had difficulty relating to people. They have never been able to see what I can see and it made it hard to gauge how they might react to me or explain why I might behave in ways they consider odd. Now I can see so much more and it is consistent as well, but there is so much and I don't always manage to express my thoughts and emotions well after the Bargain. It's like I am still...adjusting and emotional expression is at a low priority.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor
Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Watch Report - Swamp Safety Procedures, Shambling Hordes, and Shocking Sentient Lights

Leaving the second homestead around noon, we pressed south, eventually coming to the Moon-Lit Mire, a darksome place of deep bogs and where the clumps of trees prevents much in the way of light from filtering down into it. The waters are stagnant with only a few places here and there where the there is some little gurgle of a flow. It is an incredibly smelly place, rather reminiscent of that tiefling prior to his recent cleansing. As one of the only members without the benefit of being able to see in the dark, I was obliged to cast a light upon the crystal amulet I used to focus my powers.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Watch Report - Grave Details, Regional Predators, and Disturbing Implications

Upon waking up in the following morning, we set about to perform the task we likely should have 
addressed to begin with, that of dealing with the corpses of our opponents in the previous battle. Upon doing so we found that several of the corpses had vanished. Given the presence of undead in the area, this had us immediately concerned. Sylvia and her children set about packing whatever they could for the trip to the monastery while two of the knights left to start the process of gathering the various homesteads to be evacuated to the north.

A Party of Orcs - Princes of the Apocalypse - Session Twenty

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

Training and equipping complete for the moment;
The band set off westward with the knights;
Down from the path, returned the missing component;
Talindra fresh from the northern fights.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Random Musings on Gaming and Spirituality

I started playing RPGs in the late 80s with Champions 1st Edition, a gift from my oldest brother. Before that I would check out the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books from the library and read through them. Sometimes I would play the Dungeon board game or make a card game using the classic classes, but I didn't actually make a character and play until that first Wolverine clone I made back when I was about ten or eleven. By the time university had rolled around I had mostly played 1st and 2nd edition D&D and picked up games like Dragon Strike, with its cheesy video, or Hero Quest. I'd started my ten years of Amtgard LARPing, broken my front teeth being hit in the face with a panicked boffer sword, and started spending tons of money on Magic the Gathering. However, I had also picked up the World of Darkness games and written one of the first pieces of fanfiction in the form of a story mixing elements of Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, and Wraith.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Beasts Upon the Path; Merchants in the Tavern

Beasts lie within us all.
They wait alongside the way.
They wait to devour us.
They are clever.
They are far more clever than we account for.
They spread their scent everywhere.
They call to their kin.
And they draw you forward.
You smell the blood.
You smell the predator filth.
And you place it in the other.
You look upon these already devoured.
You look upon them see.
You see they are a danger.
For a beast threatens a man.
But the blood feeds the beasts.

The Blighted Branch is Snipped

The branch is born of the tree.
The branch is fed of the tree.
The branch feeds the tree.
The branch is depends on the tree.
But the tree has many branches.
A blight touched upon the tree is a threat.
And then the branch must be removed.
It matters not how the branch might have been blighted.
It matters not if the fault was the branch's.
The blight is in the branch.
And the blight must not be in the tree.
For a branch removed.
A branch blighted.
A branch fallen from on high.
Such a branch should have died.
A branch should not survive.
Such a survival is pain.
The branch tries to grow.
Much to its surprise.
The branch tries to grow.
And the blight stays with it.

Account - Ace and King - Debtor

I would have thought that the vault was sound proof. It almost was. But I remember seeing the looks of shock on the faces of the thieves as I turned to look behind them when the vault swung shut. None of them realized I was in until just the last moment, but the one at the door could easily have stopped closing it. There was an argument then someone was shouting that they needed to call 911 to make sure there was someone to get me out before they left. This was countered with the fact that I saw their faces. They argued that they could just open the vault and kill me then, if they had I likely would not have attracted a geist, the death would have been too mundane. But there was a shot and then someone started thrashing about. I would later hear that a headless and handless body was found outside the vault. I started to see blood seep in under the cracks of the vault. That should have been impossible. I know the vault is secured against liquids, maybe they had already attracted the Auditor by this point. In any case, I was left in the vault to die by suffocation, feeling it as the oxygen diminished and my lungs started to burn with effort. The murderer had opted even to kill one of his crew and leave the body behind before sparing me this cruel death. I have their face, but I have not found them yet.

Debtor: Ace and King
Matter in Question: They killed me.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain their identities. Collect what I am owed.

Account - Unknown Vampire - Debtor

Vampires must feed, I understand this, but feeding was the least aspect of what I was subjected to. It was simply an exercise in dominance. A small krewe of vampires wanting to show off how talented they were by making puppets of random mortals. Even since crossing the veil and coming back I only remember bits and pieces of what happened, but dogs are given more dignity when they asked to dance around on their hind legs in exchange for a small treat. They knew it, too, they were flaunting their debauchery, thumbing their noses at others of their kind across the way. Eventually, I will remember their faces.

Debtor: Unknown Vampire
Matter in Question: Humiliated me and several others and then wiped our memory of the event.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the vampire's identity. Collect what I am owed.

Account - The Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church - Page 4

Onora Seward has come to an end. An end. I have not considered that phrasing before. Indeed, it is an end but not The End. All I have done ...

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